Tank Trucks and Trailers

Tank Trucks and Trailers Sweet and Sour Service

  • 8 Axle Solutions - 32,000L/load*
  • 7 Axle Solutions - 30,000L/load*
  • 6 Axle Solutions - 28,000L/load*
  • 5 Axle Solutions - 25,000L/load*
  • Tridem - 13,000L/load*

* load size based on 1L/1kg (water - contact for other capacities)

Capital Pressures fluid transportation units include both sweet and sour service, pressured service and fresh and potable water units. Tank specifications include full spec. TC412, TC407 and TC406 units.

Pressurized units have been designed to load to a legal payload without venting and sour product units have relief systems connected to scrubbers to prevent odors from being released. A variety of combinations are available with capacity up to 45 cubic metres.

The following list of services details the jobs our equipment and personnel perform daily:

  • Pipeline Fills and Dewaters
  • Fluid Hauling for Frac Projects (Poseidon Tanks, Tank Farms, etc.)
  • Regular Sweet and Sour Production Fluid Hauls
  • Fluid Hauling for Well Servicing (Well Kill, etc.)
  • Water, KCL and Methanol Mix Deliveries