CAPITAL PRESSURE specializes in the handling and transportation of fluids related to all sectors of the Oil and Gas industry.  With over 27 years of history in the oilfield, we understand the needs of our clients and are committed to providing the most cost effective and safest management solutions possible.  In order to provide timely response to the Central Alberta area, units are located in strategic centers.

Pressure Truck

Pressure Truck Services

Capital provides services including high pressure pumping, hot oiling, sweet and sour bulk fluid transportation (TC306, TC307, TC312, TC406, TC407 and TC412 services), steaming/high pressure cleaning, vacuum and hydro-vac service, chemical sales and delivery.

Safety: A Way of Doing Business

At Capital Pressure, the pursuit of excellence in Safety has ultimately resulted in a more cost effective way of doing business. By driving towards zero incidents in the field, we are continually reducing the significant costs that are associated with all incidents. Recent trend analysis show that our relentless commitment to safety has paid dividends for our employees, our clients and our environment.

To ensure consistently high standards of service, Capital Pressure has developed a comprehensive hazard management program. We are proud of this program as it represents a significant investment and commitment by both management and employees. It is implemented in partnership with government agencies in order to maintain a superior safety and regulatory compliance record. The result of this working relationship is Capital's inclusion in the OH&S Partnerships program since 1994.

Vac Truck and Scrubber

"The SCROMBO" - Combination Vacuum and Scrubber Services

Vac Truck

Vac and Hydrovac Services

Semi Vac Truck

Semi Vac Truck Services

Hot Oiler Truck

Hot Oiler Truck Services

Tank Truck

Tank Truck Services

Potable Water Truck

Potable Water Services

Fresh Water Truck

Fresh Water Services


Scrubber Services

Safety Culture

Safety Culture

From the moment of being hired at Capital Pressure, employees are integrated into an ongoing industry leading training program dedicated to ensuring that a high degree of safety and proficiency is standard operating procedure. All proper PPE - such as safety glasses, hard hats, fire resistant coveralls and personal monitors are standard apparel. Fit tested breathing equipment and other specialized PPE is available as the client requires.

Capital's fleet of equipment is continuously updated. New technology and innovations that provide solutions for our clients are adopted as they become available. With over 100 pieces of equipment to select from, an appropriate size and type of unit for each specific job is readily available