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About Us

CAPITAL PRESSURE specializes in the handling and transportation of fluids related to all sectors of the Oil and Gas industry. Operating since 1988, we understand the needs of our clients and are committed to providing the most cost effective and safest management solutions possible. As we are Alberta based, units are located in strategic centers in order to provide timely response across western Canada.

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Through diligent safety management, Capital Pressure has achieved:

"Green Light Status" with Shell Canada

"Improved Member Status" with Imperial Oil

Long-standing relationships with oil industry companies

Turnaround / Shutdowns

Pigging and Batching Pipelines

Wellhead / Pipeline Integrity Management

Data Logging Field Operations

Remediation / Reclamation Projects

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Facility Building Cleaning / High Pressure Line Jetting


Pressure Truck Services

Capital Pressure can provide a variety of solutions for clients who require high pressure delivery of product into wells, pipelines and header systems.

Combination Vacuum & Scrubber Services

Combination Vacuum & Scrubber Services

Equipped with steamers and bowie pumps for large volume fluid transfers, the Scrombo unit provides the safest, most complete waste product management solution on the market today.

Hot Oiler Truck Services

Hot Oiler Truck Services

At Capital Pressure, steps are taken to ensure that our equipment is site ready, and our operators have proven experience, before they are dispatched for a job.

Tank Truck Services

Tank Truck Services

Capital Pressures fluid transportation units include both sweet and sour service, pressured service and fresh and potable water units.


Potable Water Services

Capital Pressure can provide solutions for your fresh and potable water needs. With several units and load capacities of up to 12,000 litres, we are confident that we can service your requirements for bulk water delivery.

Scrubber Services

Scrubber Services

Transporting waste from site to disposal facilities requires careful handling and a significant knowledge of the potential dangers that are inherent in the handling of dangerous goods.


Safety Culture

At Capital Pressure safety comes first. High safety standards and training are maintained by every employee in all aspects of the operation of the company. Strong initial and ongoing training fosters leadership within the company.